How do I use Onside Tasks?

The ins and outs of using Onside Tasks

Onside Tasks improves operational efficiency across your rural properties by improving productivity and helping you meet compliance requirements with real-time reporting and auditability. 

With Onside Tasks you can create, assign, and manage work to be done from the Onside app or the Onside Web Portal. Assigning a task to staff is a breeze and can even be shared with your whole company. Alternatively, make it public, so any Onside user can view and action it.

Property admins and the task creator will receive notifications as the task progresses too, staying in the loop.

Take a look at Onside Tasks for yourself or read on below for more info.

Using Tasks in your web portal requires an Onside Complete subscription

Create your task

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The Tasks board

Go to the 'Tasks' tab in the app, or your Onside Web Portal (requires a subscription) to see your tasks dashboard.

Tasks can have 3 statuses; 'To do', 'Done', and 'Archived'.

Task statuses can be easily changed simply by tapping the 'To do' or 'Done' buttons.

Archive tasks by tapping the 'Archive' button at the bottom of the task.


Create a new task

Tap the + New button to get started creating a new task.
  1. TASK TEMPLATE - You can choose from your pre-created templates (made in your web portal) with prefilled information and even checklists. Skip this option if you don't need a template.
  2. TITLE & DESCRIPTION - Give your task a title, and then a bit of information.
  3. ASSIGN - Add the names of others in your company who also use Onside. You can leave it blank if you don't know who should do the task.
  4. PROPERTY - While checked in to a property, the property name and map will show straight away, otherwise you can search for it. You can then put a pin down for a location.
  5. DUE DATE - Advise when it should be completed by. The date will change to red when overdue.
  6. PRIVACY/VISIBILITY - Your tasks have 3 privacy levels.
    • Private - Only visible to you, the property admins, and the assignee(s).
    • Company - Visible to any user in your Company members list.
    • Public - Visible to any user checking in to the property it's associated to.
  7. IMAGES - Add images you think will help.
  8. SUPPORTING FILES - Attach up to 5 files to the task. Anyone with access to the task can then view and use these files to help get the task done.
    Note: Max of 5 files per task, 20MB limit each.
  9. RECURRING (Portal only) - Choose if you'd like the task to repeat and when.
  10. FOLLOW UP ACTIONS - Advise follow up actions for your task. They can be ticked off as they are completed too.

After saving the task, the assignee will be notified via the Onside app and by email. As the task moves from 'To do' to 'Done', the property admin(s) and the creator of the task will be notified via the Onside app.

If you would like to stop receiving email notifications when tasks are assigned to you, you can disabled this from your profile settings via the web portal.

Note: If you are removed from the task and you are not its creator nor an admin of the property, it will disappear from your board.

Editing and sharing tasksShare task - app

At any time you can edit, archive, or share a task you created or were assigned right from the task board.

Simply click or tap into the task. Don't forget to save any changes you make by the 'Save changes" button at the bottom.

Tap the share button at the top right of the task (indicated right). You will then be promoted to choose a messaging app you have installed on your phone to send straight to your contractor.

The contractor then receives a link to the task information to view in a website page like this, without needing to have the Onside app themselves.

To edit or update the status of a task, your contractor will need to use the Onside app.

Create a Task template

If you find you're creating the same or similar tasks time and time again, why not create a template? Once created, they can be available to any staff who are part of your company in Onside.

From your Onside Web Portal, select your template from the green arrow and tap 'Create Template' to get started.

  1. TEMPLATE NAME - Choose a name that will be nice and clear to staff using it.
  2. DESCRIPTION - Provide prefilled details to save time when creating the task.
  3. ADD CHECKLIST SECTION - Great for prestart checklists or toolbox meetings. Simply add a checklist heading, then create options for the list that can be checked off. 
  4. COLOUR - You could categorize your tasks by colour, Ie light blue is fencing work, where as purple is maintenance.
  5. INFORMATION TO SHOW - Choose if you would like the staff using this template to be able to create a task with; a property, due date, location, colour, or show to visitors.
  6. PRIVACY/VISIBILITY - Set the privacy level the tasks created from the template will have.
      • Private - Only visible to you, the property admins, and the assignee(s).
      • Company - Visible to anyone in your company in Onside.
      • Public - Visible to any user checking in to the property it's associated to.

Note: If you have access to properties across multiple accounts, you will see tasks for all of your properties in your Task dashboard.

Task templates

Task filtering

At any time from the web portal, click on the filter button Filter button and choose if you would like to filter by any of the following.
In the app, scroll to the bottom of the fiter sidebar and tap 'Apply' when you're ready.

Task filters

Downloading reports

From your Onside web portal, once you've set the filters you need, simply click the 'Download Report' button to get a pdf of exactly that selection.

Who gets notifications?

Here's a quick breakdown of who will receive notifications about a task and when.

Task creator - Will get notifications from the Onside app as the task moves from 'To-do' to 'Doing' and then from 'Doing' to 'Done'.

Property admin - Will get a notification from the Onside app when a task has been created and associated to one of the properties they're and admin for.

Task assignees - Will get a notification via the Onside app and email when they have been assigned to a task.

If you have any questions or need any help, you can reach us on 0800 ONSIDE (NZ), 1800 112334 (AU), or email