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What is Onside Teams?

A guide to Onside Teams for company admins and Team Leaders

If you haven't seen Onside Teams yet, now's as good as ever. 
Onside Teams was purpose built to keep teams and individuals working in rural environments safe.

With this service you can get much more oversight on where your team and staff are, and if they need help. From the Onside Teams dashboard you'll be able to;

  • See which properties the users are currently checked into;
  • See when they plan to leave the property they're on;
  • See how long they've been on a property;
  • See which other properties they have checked into that day;
  • Receive overdue alerts when they don't update their departure time or sign out;
  • See when they last had signal on their phone;
  • Manage your customer's properties privately*;
  • Easily digitally organize your staff into teams;
  • Access easy to use reporting;
  • Automated follow up calls and escalations (Overdue Dialer).

*Note: Properties loaded into Onside Teams will be private to your company until the property owner claims them, or if they already exist publicly.

For a more in-depth look into Onside Teams, have a look at our demonstration video.

OnSide for Teams Overview - short

How do I get started?

You'll need to build your team first. Find out how to do that here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0800 ONSIDE or email help@onside.co.nz.