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What is Onside's Overdue Dialer?

Overdue Dialer is Onside's automated calling service

Here at Onside we're all about innovating and making our system even better. We've worked with key clients across our great network and created yet another fantastic addition to the Onside solution. This feature is an extra safety measure for workers who are often out working alone.

If you have people who are often on the job solo, this one's for you.

Overdue dialer is part of the Onside Teams Professional plan


Onside Teams' Overdue Dialer takes looking out for your team to the next level by automatically calling your staff out in the field when they haven't checked out when they were expected to.

Click here to see how it works, or take a look below.

  1. Our friend Bob goes out to visit many different rural properties. When he checks in, he'll advise through the Onside app how long he intends to stay.
  2. If Bob doesn't check-out when he expected to or update his departure time, he'll get a notification on his phone 10 minutes and 2 minutes before his time runs out, as well as when he goes overdue.
  3. Now here's where the magic happens - If we still haven't had any update from Bob, he'll be automatically called. If he picks up, the automated call will advise when he was expected to check out and on which property. He'll then be given options to;
    1. Connect to his manager/supervisor's phone;
    2. Connect to the property contact's phone;
    3. End the sequence and say he's fine, giving himself a few minutes to check-out or update his departure time.
  4. But what if Bob doesn't pick up? Not to fear, we haven't forgotten about him. If Bob is busy fighting off a flock of panthers somewhere and doesn't answer the automated call, his manager or Team Leader will be called 10 minutes later.
  5. The manager will be advised who has gone overdue and where. They will then have the choice of connecting directly to Bob, or they can connect to the property contact instead, as they're likely closer to him. They also have the option of stopping the process and taking responsibility for Bob themselves in their own way (text message, site visit, homing pigeon etc). 
  6. Uh oh, as it turns out, Bob and his manager we're dealing with the same flock of panthers, what now? I'm glad you asked. The Overdue dialer feature will then call the next Team Leader in the list, and the next, and so on and so forth until someone picks up (up to a maximum of two call cycles).
  7. When the situation has been handled and Bob is ok and checked out, every Team Leader will get a notification to say Bob is no longer overdue, he's checked out.

So there you have it, another fantastic innovation created by Onside and its health and safety focused customers. You can enable this plan directly from your team in the web portal, simply click 'Settings' and change the plan drop down to 'Onside Professional'.

If you have any questions about Onside Teams Professional, get in touch with us at 0800 ONSIDE or help@onside.co.nz.