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What is the Onside Kiosk?

Onside's kiosk solution for visitor management

The Onside Kiosk is a simple yet effective check-in point for your visitors. Typically made available to visitors on a tablet or computer, the visitor only needs to enter their phone number to go through the property check-in. There is also the option for a visitor to notify who they're there to see.

If you have the Onside Complete or Enterprise plans, you can access your property's Kiosk from the Onside web portal.

For this solution to work, you will need.

  • A tablet or computer you can put in a space available to visitors;
  • A wifi or data connection available to that device;
  • Signs advising visitors to go to that device to check-in.

From there, it's simply a matter of loading the Kiosk website address for that property on your tablet or computer and saving it to make it available to your visitors.

To understand more about the Onside Kiosk, watch this video or follow the guide below.

After tapping 'Check-in', visitors will be asked to enter their mobile number. If they already have an account with us, the check-in process will start. If they are new to Onside, they'll be able to create a profile for themselves to speed things up next time. 

The check-in screen they'll see will look like this;

Kiosk - 2024 check-in-1

After reviewing the information from each box, then 'Next' button will be available.

The next time they check-in via your kiosk, by default they will only need to view what has been added or updated since their last visit. They will also have the option of viewing the information again.

Extra Kiosk features

From the Onside web portal, you can activate these features for your visitors.

  • Company logo - Show your company logo on your Onside Kiosk. Add your logo from your Company Settings page.
  • QR code - Give your visitors the option of a contactless check-in by making the QR code check-in available on your Kiosk. If the visitor has the Onside app installed on their phone, it will take them directly to checking in to your property via the app.
  • Who are you here to see? - Visitors will be able to choose who they are on your property to see. That person will then receive an email and notification to let them know.

Kiosk - new UI 2023 (1)

Setting up

If the Kiosk looks like it will suit your operation, all you'll need to get started is an Onside Complete or Enterprise subscription and a tablet.

For iPad setups, follow this guide

For any other tablets, try this guide

Needing a quick how-to guide for your staff and contractors? Click here

If you need help or have any questions, give us a call on 0800 ONSIDE or email Support@onside.co