What is a notifiable event?

Knowing when you should report incidents to the regulator.

When an incident occurs, it may need to be reported to the regulator.
This depends on which country you're located in and sometimes even region.
Here is what you need to know

In New Zealand

A notifiable event is any of the following events that arise from work:
  • a death
  • a notifiable illness or injury or
  • a notifiable incident.

Only serious events are intended to be notified. These trigger requirements to preserve the site, notify the regulator and keep records.

When must notification occur?

A PCBU must ensure the regulator is notified as soon as possible after it becomes aware of a notifiable event arising from the conduct of the business or undertaking.
This notification must be done even if emergency services attend. Only one notification is required for each notifiable event.

If there has been a death, call WorkSafe immediately. Call 0800 030 040 (24/7)

If you're still unsure about notifiable events, click here to see what WorkSafe advise. Alternatively, visit the WorkSafe website to get the latest regulator news and updates - https://www.worksafe.govt.nz