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Can I store documents in Onside?

How to have documents accessible to visitors

Storing files with Onside

Using the Check-in Rules feature, you can store up to 2 files per property. These files can be in PDF or JPEG format.

That being said, there is a way you can provide access to all of the files you want to share with your visitors through Onside. Follow the steps below to do this. *note you will need Google Drive or another cloud-based file storage system.

  1. On your Google Drive or other cloud-based storage system, create a folder and name it;
  2. Click on the folder and then click 'Share' Add people;
  3. Click 'Get shareable link';
  4. Next to "Anyone with the link", click the Down arrow Down Arrow;
  5. Choose whether people can edit or view. For this purpose, it is essential you choose view;
  6. Copy the link given and paste it into the Check-in Rules hyperlink field.

If you have any questions or get stuck with this, feel free to contact us at help@onside.co.nz or by giving us a call - 0800 ONSIDE.

Note: The above steps are intended for documents you would like to be made public. No confidential or sensitive documents should be used in this process.