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Can I keep documents in Onside?

Storing and sharing documents in Onside

With the 'Documents' feature available to Company Admins in the Onside web portal, you'll be able to store all your important documents right in your Onside account.

Click 'Add Document' to get started.


From this screen you'll also be able to do the following with the documents by clicking on the image-png-Jan-23-2023-11-29-29-7532-PM 2button at the end of each row;

  • Archive - If you no longer need a document, you can archive it and then optionally toggle archive to hide the document.
    Note: You cannot un-archive or delete a document. Archiving a document will also archive it for any companies you have shared it with.
  • Share (Complete subscription required) - Search for an existing company in Onside and share the document with them. They will receive an email with a link direct to their Onside portal to access it.
    If the company isn't available, you'll need to add it from the 'Contractors' tab.

    View which companies you have shared a document with by clicking on 'Company' under the 'Shared to' column.
  • Download - Download any document you have stored or received.
  • Expiry - If an expiry date is chosen when uploading a document, a reminder email will be sent to the uploader a week before the expiry date and when it expires.

Files are limited to 20MB in size and total document storage 2GB
You must be a Company Admin to access or view this feature in your account

Sharing documents to contractors and visitors

With the Document Sharing feature you'll be able to send your stored documents directly to your contractors and visitors. They can also send documents back to you. If this sounds perfect for your operation. Watch this quick video to find out more, or follow the steps below.

Share documents directly from the Documents tab

  1. As a company Admin from the Documents tab click 'Add Document'
  2. Attach the file, give it a name, and optionally an expiry date
  3. Click on the image-png-Jan-23-2023-11-29-29-7532-PM 2button to the right of the document and select 'Share'. You'll then see a page like this;
  4. Type the name of the contracting company you'd like to share it with. If the company is not available, add the company. 

Store documents under your contractor's companies in the Contractor tab

  1. From the Contractor tab, click 'Add Contractor'
  2. Search for the company first, if it doesn't exist, click 'Create New Company' and add the details of the best contact person for that company. Ideally someone who would issue the contractors out to properties.
  3. Once added, click on the contractor company name
  4. Click Add Document
  5. From the image-png-Jan-23-2023-11-29-29-7532-PM 2button, download, share, or archive the document

By establishing a connection with the contracting company, they will also be able to send documents to you, perfect if you need to have them sign documents and send them back.

Showing documents on check-in

If you're wanting to make PDFs or images available to anyone when checking in to your property, you can use the Check-in Rules feature.

If you have any questions or need any help, you can reach us on 0800 ONSIDE (NZ), 1800 112334 (AU), or email Support@onside.co