How do I set up my Emergency Plan?

Set up your emergency plan

When things go a bit pear-shaped, it's best to have your emergency information available to your visitors.

When you set up your emergency plan, anyone who checks-in to your property using the Onside app will have access to this information. You will need to have a property set up first.

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Log in to your Onside web portal, select the property you would like to set up the emergency plan for then navigate to the 'Emergency Plan' tab.

1. Fill in your property details

Fill out each section of the plan.

If you don’t know the number of the nearest neighbour, while optional, we suggest that you contact them to make a connection. If you don’t have a trained first aider on your property we recommend that you put someone in your team through a first aid training course. 

Emergency plan details

2. Attach an Emergency plan

On some properties, there will be processes and plans in place in the event an emergency happens, sometimes with different actions depending on the emergency.

You can attach a pdf (or image file) to your emergency plan so your visitors have all the information on hand.

3. Key emergency points

Choose the different marker types on the left side, then click on the map to place the marker where you would like it to go. Each can be placed multiple times, except the helicopter marker.

Emergency plan

  • Helicopter: Make sure the location you choose is a safe place for a helicopter to land. It needs to be clear of overhead power lines or pylons, wires, fences and trees. It also needs to be on level stable ground but doesn't have to be within your boundary. When you choose a location, GPS coordinates will be created, which visitors will then be able to use should they need to call emergency services. 
  • Meeting point:  This is the place where you want people to come back to in an emergency, when it is safe.
  • Fire and medical kits: Ensure that the medical kits are kept stocked, and that fire equipment has regular maintenance. 
  • Water source: A water source available in case emergency services need a top up.
  • AED: If you have an Automated External Defibrillator, mark it on your map so people can get to it quicker.

Click on Done and then Save emergency plan.

That’s it! Your emergency plan is now all set up. 

If you need any help or have any questions, please call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email