How do I re-send an invite?

Resending the Onside invite email to your team members.

When you add someone to your property or company to use Onside, they get sent an email inviting them to confirm their account, set a password and download the Onside app. This invite lasts for 7 days. If they don't confirm their account in that time, you can resend them an invite, or they can go straight to the app to set a password.

Resend invite - Property invite

  1. Click into the property the person is a team member of.
  2. Click into the “Team” tab.
  3. Click on the person you want to re-invite.
  4. Click 'resend invite' in the top right. 

Resend invite - Team invite

  1. As a Company admin, click on the 'Members' tab on the left under 'Company'.
  2. There should be a button like this  to the very right of the row the person's name is on. Click that to send a new invite.
    If there is no button, continue with the steps below.
  3. Remove the person from the list by clicking on their name and then "Remove from Company".
  4. Click on the 'Invite' button in the top right.
  5. First search by the person's email address, click the result if it shows.
    If there isn't a result, click "Create new user" and enter their details.
  6. Click 'Send invite'.

Didn't receive an email? 

If they don’t receive an email, there are a few things to check;

  • Check their junk mail folder - sometimes emails from new addresses get sent directly to the spam or junk folder;
  • Check if their email address is correct -  If the email address is wrong, remove the person and readd them.
  • Full inbox - While this is very uncommon nowadays, it's still worth checking. Make sure their inbox isn't full, and is able to receive email.

If you have any questions or the user is still having issues, call us 0800 ONSIDE (667433) or email