How do I use the Onside app as a Property Manager or owner?

Using the Onside app to manage a property

When you're setting up your properties, it's best to log in to your Onside Web Portal via our website from a computer. There are however a number of things you can do via the app too, such as;

  • View your own properties
  • View who is on your property
  • Share a quick check-in link
  • View your safety information
  • Report a risk or incident
  • View the emergency plan
  • Chat with visitors
  • Check-out a visitor
  • Invite visitors and contractors
  • Check in to someone else's property

    You will need to make sure that you have registered for an account, and set up your properties through your web admin portal first.

    Follow the guide below on using the Onside app as an admin, or take a look at this video.

    HubSpot Video

View who is on your property

You'll find the properties you're an admin of under 'My Properties'. To view who is on your property, tap the visitor icon of the property, this will open up into the 'Visitors' tab. Here you will see a real-time list of who is checked-in to the property as well as a history of visits. If you need to discuss anything with one of your visitors click on either the text or call icon next to their name. 

Filter by visitors or events

Quick filter-1

If you're an admin of multiple properties, you can see how many visitors you have in total as well as the number of risks/incidents requiring attention, right from the app.

When you open the Onside app, you'll see this information at the top of the 'My Properties' tab.

The icon on the left is the total number of visitors currently checked in to all your properties. The image on the right is the number of risks/incidents pending review.

If you tap on one of them, it will filter to show which properties it relates to.

Tap the icon again to turn the filters off, as easy as that. You can also see how many visitors are on each property at a glance.

Share Kiosk button

Share a quick check-in link

If you have visitors who don't have the Onside app yet, you can share a quick check-in link with them using the button below

Tap the share icon to share a quick check-in link on any messaging app you have installed, including Facebook, txt messaging, Whatsapp, etc.

This link allows the user to only check themselves in/out of your property, making their first visit even easier. If they close the browser or restart their phone, they can come back to the same link and check-in or out whenever they need.

The quick check-in link is a scaled down version of the app. It will only display Property rules and Risks during check-in.

View your safety information

You can click into the “Safety” tab to review the risks, just tap on the risk icon. If you need to, you can also zoom in and out of the map. The blue dot on the screen indicates your location. Make sure that the area you are going to be working in is safe and that there isn’t anything you need to be aware of. Risks you haven’t yet seen will have a red dot. Check the risks that don’t have a set location by clicking on 'View other risks' banner at the bottom of the map.

Report a risk or incident

In the 'Safety' tab near the bottom of the screen you will see a green plus symbol. You can report a risk or incident from here, as well as create a task. A risk or incident reported from the app will still need to be accepted and reviewed via the web portal.

View the emergency plan

Emergency plan details are in the 'Emergency' tab, you'll be able to see where first aid kits and fire extinguishers are. You can also see key contacts, their contact phone numbers and helicopter landing coordinates if you need them for emergency services. To set this up sign into your web portal.

Check-out Visitors from the app

From time to time a visitor may forget to check-out from your property, especially if you don’t have End of Day Notifications enabled.

If you know the visitor has left, you can check them out of your property right from the Onside app. They will also receive a notification to let them know they’ve been checked-out.

Simply tap on your property’s visitor icon from the ‘My Properties’ tab, then tap the Visitor check-out button next to their name.

Note: For safety reasons, you cannot check-out an Onside Teams user if they have their departure time set as their Team Leaders require the check-in for overdue alerts.

Invite visitors

To invite/notify visitors to use Onside when working on your property, tap the 'Invite Visitors' button to select their names from your phonebook.


If you need any help or have any questions, call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email