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What are Onside admins?

A quick guide to the different admin types in Onside

In Onside we have 3 types of admins, each with their own specific functionality. They're broken down like this;

Property Admins

Property Admins manage properties they're part of and get risk and incident notifications and emails, End of day notifications (if enabled), Check-in question alerts (if enabled) as well as optional visitor check-in/out alerts. They also have access to the property in the web portal to make changes, review risks and incidents, and generate reports.

Team page - 2023 UI

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are a role used with Onside Teams, it's used to manage staff going out to properties and get their overdue alerts. They also have access to a list of properties mapped by their company that their staff visit (Visited properties), the company's jobs list, as well as reporting and the Team Locator dashboard and reporting.

Team leaders page - 2023 UI

Company Admins

Company Admins have visibility and access to everything on the account, this includes everything the Team Leaders and Property Admins can access, as well as control over which staff members are added to the company, the company name, document storage, and end of day notifications.

They only receive incident notifications from Onside Teams users, and Managed property risk and incident notifications if they have ticked the "All Properties Risk & Incident Notifications" tick box in Company Settings.

Company Settings page - 2023 UI

If you have any questions or need any help, you can reach us on 0800 ONSIDE (NZ), 1800 112334 (AU), or email Support@onside.co