Do I need location services (GPS) enabled for Onside?

What Onside uses your location for

Firstly, no, you don't need to have GPS turned on, but we recommend that you do.

Having your location services (GPS) on will make the app easier to use, as it will be able to display the Onside properties closest to you. This makes it easier to find the property you are planning to check-in to. You will also be able to see yourself as a blue dot on the map in relation to the risks around you.

The Onside app will get your location when you have the app open on your screen or you have Check-in/out reminders enabled.

If you do decide to keep your location services (GPS) off you can still use Onside. You can do everything you need to do in Onside without location services (GPS) turned on. The sign in process is just a little more manual and may take more time. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email