How do I use the Onside app?

A guide to navigating the Onside app as a visitor

For some, learning something new can be daunting. For others, exciting. Regardless of which side of the fence you typically find yourself on, we've put together this guide to make it nice and easy.

In this guide we'll show you how to;

  • Find a property
  • View the risks
  • Check-in and check-out
  • See who else is on the property
  • Report a risk or incident
  • Use Onside Tasks.
  • View the emergency plan
  • See your recently visited properties
  • Use Chat
Alternatively, watch our video guide;

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Find a propertySearch 1 - Short

After logging in to the app for the first time,  you will be asked for permission to give access to your location. This will show a list of the closest properties to you. The property at the top of the list is the closest and most likely the property you are on. 

Alternatively, you can type the first few letters (at least 3) of a property name or address in the search bar at the top, this will show the properties that match. 

If there is an Onside QR code poster on the property, tap the QR code to the right of the search bar to scan it to check-in.

View the risksCheck-in screen

When you've found the property you want to view, tap on it, this will bring up the property map and risk information. 

Risks on the map that you haven’t seen before or that have been updated since your last visit will have a red dot on them. Once you have viewed them, this dot will disappear. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the risks in your work area. 

There are also risks that are not marked on the map. These are typically risks that apply to the whole property or the property admin hasn't marked them on the map yet. Click on 'View other risks' to see these. Make sure you tap into each one and review the information to keep yourself and your fellow visitors safe. The 'View other risks' bar will also be red if there are risks there you haven't viewed.



Once you've looked through the risk information and Terms and Conditions, click on the 'Check in to property' button.

Depending on what the property manager or owner has enabled on their property, you may also be shown; the rules of the property, the job selection screen, and check-in questions. Once you've completed this process, you will be checked in. The admins of the property will be notified that you are there. 

See who else is on the propertyOther visitors 1 - Short

When you check-in to a property you can see who else is checked in from the 'Visitors' tab. You will be able to call or text the person directly by tapping on the phone icon to the right of their name .

You will also see what job they're doing, the number of visitors with them, comments, when they checked in, as well as the company they're from.



Report a risk or incidentTasks - report

In the 'Map' tab at the bottom of the screen, tap the green plus button to bring up the risk, incident, and task reporting options.

Choose the action you want to do, complete the reporting requirements, and then submit it. The Property Admins will be notified you've submitted it.

Review Risks

Go back to the property map with the risks at any time by tapping the 'Map' tab. If you enabled your location when you first logged in to the Onside app, a blue dot on the map will indicate where you are on the property (if you are there). 

Make sure that the area where you're going to be working is safe and that there isn’t anything you need to be aware of. 


Tasks - assignedUsing tasks

When you check-in to a property, from time to time you may see blue pins on the map. These are task pins. If you tap on them, you can see what work needs to be done and choose to assign it to yourself.

If you have a task assigned to you, as you progress it from 'To-do', 'Doing', and 'Done'. The creator of the task and the property admins will be notified of your progress.

You can create a task at any time from the 'Task' tab in the Onside app's main screen or from the report button on the 'Map' tab when checked in to a property (as shown above). 





Emergency details at your fingertipsEmergency plan (1)

If something happens while you're on an Onside property, the emergency plan details are in the 'Emergency' tab.

You'll be able to see where first aid kits and fire extinguishers are, as well as other key points such as AEDs, water sources, and assembly points. Key contacts can be called directly from the app by tapping the phone icon next to their names too.

If the Property Admin has added a landing location for a helicopter, landing GPS coordinates will also be available for you to give straight to emergency services.




Recently Visited 1 - Short

Your recently visited properties. 

After you've visited a few properties you'll develop a list of recently visited properties in the 'Recent' tab.

The most recent visit will be at the top, you will be able to see when you were there last and for how long. It will hold the last 8 visited properties.

You will also be able to share the property with others who need to check-in to it.




When you check-in to a property, you automatically become part of its chat group. You can talk to the Property Admins as well as other visitors checked in to the property from the chat tab. Your messages will be displayed in the right of the screen, everyone else's in the left. Admins of the property will also have a gold speech bubble.


Once you have finished at the property, reopen the app and click on the yellow 'Check-out' button in the banner at the top of the screen.


If you need any help getting started or have any questions, call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email