How do I invite my visitors and contractors?

Get your visitors and contractors checking in.

Letting your visitors know you're using Onside is the most important step when setting up your property. We've tried to make it as easy as possible to check-in and cover every scenario. That's why we have four ways to get your visitors checking in. Inviting visitors is also super easy via the app.

Using the app - Share Invites

Hosting a party and having no one turn up is no fun (queue flashback). The same can be said for setting up Onside and not having any visitors.

Having your contractors and visitors using the Onside app will help you and them get the most out of Onside. It’s free for them, and there’s a quick and easy way for you to tell them all about it. 

If you have your visitors' phone numbers or emails saved on your smartphone, you can share an invite with them to use Onside, directly from the app, in a few easy steps;

  1. Tap on the picture of your property in the Onside app under 'My Properties';
  2. Tap on the 'Share Invites' button;
  3. Select the app you would like to send the message from (text message, email, What's app, facebook, etc).
  4. Choose your contact or group.
  5. Hit send.

That's all there is to it. The invite even has a check-in link for them to use, in case they forget to download the Onside app. 


My visitor has arrived on site and doesn't have the app yet

In the scenario someone arrives on site and doesn't have the Onside app yet, there are 3 other ways they can check-in. Try the methods below to find which work for your property.

Share a quick check-in link

If you have a visitor standing at a gate, share the property check-in link with them right from the app.

Share Kiosk button

When you tap the share button, you can select your favourite messaging app, and share it.  Use any app you like including Facebook, txt messaging, Whatsapp, etc.

The recipient can follow the link and check-in straight away in their browser, with no app download needed. This link allows the user to only check themselves in/out of your property, making their first visit even easier. If they close the browser or restart their phone, they can come back to the same link and check-in or out whenever they need.

The Onside Kiosk

The Onside Kiosk is a simple yet effective check-in point for your visitors. Typically made available to visitors on a tablet or computer, the visitor only needs to enter their phone number to go through the property induction. There is also the option for a visitor to notify who they're there to see.

If you have the Property Essentials plan, you can access your property's Kiosk from the Onside web portal.

Click here to find out more and see the Kiosk in action.

QR Code scanning

image (2)

For some properties, the Onside Kiosk isn't viable, as there may not be anywhere on your property to have it kept secure. Checking in via QR code is a great solution in this situation.

You can download the QR code to print out and put up in the common visitor areas and visitors simply scan and check-in. They don't even need the Onside app to do this.

The user will need a smartphone with QR code reading camera or app and an internet connection.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email