Why I can't find a property?

What to do when a property appears to be missing

You've just found out about the rural app everyone is using - Onside. You download the app, create an account, and for some reason you cannot find the property you're looking for. Uh oh.

If this happens to you, there are a few quick things you can try.

  1. The latest app version - If you've just downloaded it, you will have, otherwise pay a visit to the App store (Apple) or Play store (Android) on your phone.

  2. Try a different approach - You can find a property by the name, address, or the 10 closest properties to you. If one search option doesn't work, try another, as the owner may have different details for it.

  3. Try refreshing the properties - In the app, go into the menu in the top left (icon is three lines) to see the extra options at your disposal. At the bottom there will be "Refresh Properties", tap that, wait for it to complete, and see if you're able to search for your property after that.

  4. It may be "Private" - With Onside for Teams, you can map out any property and it will only be visible to the people in your team in Onside, until such time that the property owner or manager wants others to be able to check-in too. If you can't see a property but know you should have access to it, you may need to speak to your Company Admin about being added into your company's Onside team.

Note: If a property has just been created or changed and you want to see it right away, the 'Refresh Properties' button will do just that.

If you've followed the above steps but still can't find your property, get in touch with us and we can look into it for you. Call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email help@onside.co.nz.