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How to set up Visited Properties for my team?

A quick guide on the Visited Property tab

Note: You need a Teams Plan to get this functionality 

The Visited Properties tab is where you're going to find, add, delete, and maintain your customer's properties your team visits.

Visited properties-2
Why add properties here?

Add your properties here so that your team can check-in to these properties. You're able to add any property as a Visited Property, even if they are managed by another person or are completely new.

The contact person will also receive check-in/out notifications when your staff visit.

There are two types in this list

When you start adding properties to this page, you may notice some will look a bit different. This is because there are two types, and for each type what you're able to do is a bit different:

  • Managed Properties - as shown in grey.
    • These properties are being managed by other Onside users 
    • You can't edit these
    • You can't change the contact person
  • Visited Properties (for your team only) - as shown in green.
    • Properties you can manage, just for your team 
    • You can edit these and add risks, emergency info, jobs, and property rules.
    • You can change the contact person

Property Contacts for visiting properties (green)

If the contact name is green (for your team only), then they're not an Onside user yet and you can edit the contact details for that property. Click on the contact name to change the contact person's details, or even assign a different contact person to ensure the right person is getting the check-in/out notifications.

Visited properties 2-1

You'll be able to add risks, the emergency plan, jobs, and property rules for these properties if you'd like, and then the property owner claims it later on. Everything you have done to the property, including added risks, will transfer. 

Visited properties 4

Adding a property

Adding a property to your list is done in exactly the same way as a property owner/manager, you'll just need the contact details of the property contact. Click the green plus sign at the right ha nd side, complete the fields, set a boundary and save. If you need a bit more help, try this help guide - Set up your property.

Removing a property

Properties can be easily removed by simply clicking the bin icon on the right of the phone number.

Visited properties 3-2

If you have any questions, give us a call on 0800 ONSIDE or email help@onside.co.nz. Click on the links below to navigate to the other tab's help guides.


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