How do I manage incidents in Onside?

Managing the reported incidents in Onside

There are two ways to report an incident

  1. Through the Onside app, which any visitor can do, or;
  2. Through your web portal login, which only property administrators can do.

Report an incident through the app

  • Make sure you are signed into the property you want to report an incident on. 
  • Tap on the 'Safety' tab and select 'Add Report Risk/Incident', then choose 'incident'. 
  • Fill in each field, where there is a drop down arrow, select the most appropriate option. The red asterisk indicates the sections of the report that must be completed.
  • Keep your description of the incident concise.
  • To identify where the incident happened, click on “change location” below the image of the map, then drop a marker pin. If you want to change this location just tap on the screen where you want to move the marker to. You can move the map around by keeping your finger on the screen and moving it around.  Tap save when you have the marker pin in the right spot.
  • You can add photos to help describe and show what happened. Click on “add photo”, Take the photo in landscape mode, If the photo looks good click “use photo” otherwise click “retake”.
  • Once you have all the information entered, click “report incident”. The administrators of the property will each receive an alert letting them know you have reported an incident.                                        Report incident GIF

Report an incident through your Onside website login

Only property administrators can report incidents through the website portal. If you can’t see a property when you log in, it means you are not an administrator. Follow the instructions above to report the incident in the app instead.  

  1. Log-in to Onside on the web portal and select the property you are adding an incident to.
  2. Click into the “Incidents” tab and click on the green circle with the plus inside to add a new incident.
  3. Fill in each field, where there is a drop down arrow and select the most appropriate option.
  4. To advise the location of the incident, click “report the location of the incident”, this will open up your property map.
  5. Click on the pointer tool, then click on the map where the incident happened.   Use the + and - to zoom in and out. 
  6. Click “done, incident location looks good”.
  7. To add photos to help show what happened. Click “add photo” select the folder you saved the photos to and select the relevant images, click “open”. Crop the image if you need to by dragging the blue squares in and out.  Then click “use this photo”. You can add up to 3 images. 
  8. When you add an incident on the website portal you also have the option to be taken through to the Risk register section to create a risk for it.

Manage an incident 

Only administrators can manage incidents. This is done from the web portal.

  1. Sign into your Onside website portal
  2. Click on the property that you are wanting to manage an incident for.
  3. Click into the “Incident” tab.
  4. New incidents reported through the app will be in red and show under “new incidents for review”
  5. Click into the incident that you are wanting to review.
  6. Read through all the information relating to the incident and update the details if need be. More information around what happened can be added into the 'Description of the incident' field at any time. 
  7. Near the bottom of the form you will note there are a few blank fields “Requirements of the affected person” and “Expected date to return to full duties”.
  8. You'll also be able to add investigation notes so you can keep track of what's being done to close/resolve the incident (Helpful hint: You can add ACC claim numbers in to so you can cross reference and help to establish that the claim is work related).

    Fill these out when you have an understanding of what their requirements are. You can also go back and edit any of the existing incidents under the “reviewed incidents” heading.

    *Note - You cannot delete a reported incident, however, acknowledging and saving the incident will remove the red incident indicator from your OnSide portal.

    Risk management

    If an incident occurred it usually means there was a risk. The last section of the form helps you to understand a bit more about the risk associated with the incident. 

    • The first thing to consider is how serious could the incident have been. Select an option from the drop down menu.
    • The next step is about closing the loop and managing the risk.
    • If you tick “Yes” to “would you like to add it to your risk register after saving this report”, on saving you will be automatically taken to the risks screen with the “add a new risk” window open.
    • If you tick “No” to “would you like to add it to your risk register after saving this report” the incident remains logged and the risk is not added to your risk register
    • If you have a related risk already in the system, we recommend you review the risk to decrease the chance of another incident occurring. 
    • Do you need to notify Worksafe? Check out this flow chart to help you make that decision. 

    If you have any questions or need any help, call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email