How do I use the 'Jobs' feature?

A quick guide to how to use Onside's 'Jobs' feature for visitors and admins.

Thanks to customer feedback, we've come up with yet another fantastic feature for Onside - Jobs.

Take a look at our guides below for more information on how you use this feature, or simply watch this quick video.

Managing your property - The Jobs list

Jobs for Visitors

As a visitor checking in to a property, you can choose from a list of pre-selected jobs that you will be carrying out. This helps to avoid any confusion as to why you're on the property. It also provides a great insight to the visitors checking-in while you're there, as they can see if the job you're doing might conflict with theirs (e.g. spraying). If you're doing something high-risk to others, they'll also be notified.

To use the Jobs feature;

  1. Check-in to a property as you would normally;
  2. You will then be greeted by the 'Job Type' screen. It will keep the last 3 jobs you've done on the property at the top, if you've been there before.

    Job selection 1
  3. When you tap on the 'Other jobs' field, you will be given a number of jobs to choose from. These jobs are chosen for this particular property by the property owner.
                    Job selection 2
  4. After choosing the job type, you also have the option to add a comment to give the property owner a little bit more detail or advise if you're with a group of people. If you're going to be doing something particularly hazardous, we suggest adding a bit of detail, such as working area and chemicals.

Jobs for Property Managers

As the property manager, you will be notified via a visitor's usual check-in notification what job they will be performing on your property. If they choose a high-risk job, such as bird scaring with a firearm or chemical spraying, it will also trigger notifications to you, your admins, and everyone else checked-in to the property at the time. It will also show new visitors there is someone on the property doing a high-risk job.

To get this feature working, you will need to select the jobs required for your property.

  1. Login to your admin account via a computer;
  2. Click the new 'Jobs' tab
  3. Then select which jobs would be applicable to your property. These are the options the visitors will get when they sign in to your property.

    Job list - Web
  4. Once you've chosen the jobs, click the 'Update Job List' button at the bottom of the screen and you're done. That's it, your visitors can now advise you what jobs they're undertaking on your property.

Copying your Jobs list to another property

If you have multiple properties, you can copy your Jobs list from one to another, or even to all of your properties at once! Talk about a time saver!

Copy button

Once you've created your Jobs list following the above instructions, simply click on the green copy icon at the right side of the page and then select which properties to apply it to.

* Note: This will not overwrite existing jobs on the properties you're copying to.

If you have any questions, need some further help, or can't find the job you need to add, feel free to give us a call 0800 ONSIDE.