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How do I use Onside Teams on the app?

A guide on how to use the Onside app with Onside Teams

If your company has chosen to use Onside Teams, welcome aboard. Onside Teams helps them keep you safe by knowing when you go overdue and on which property. By knowing this, if they can't get hold of you, they know you might need help, and can get to you much quicker.

To see how an Onside Teams user would use the app and what's different for them, try this quick video or take a look at the information below.

OnSide for Teams - Using the app 2020

How do I use it?
You'll find the experience of using Onside Teams very similar to using Onside as a normal visitor (click here if you've never used Onside before). The difference for you will be the properties you can check-in to, a new tab in the app, and that during the check-in process you'll get this screen;

After setting your departure time, you will be prompted to update your departure time at 10 minutes and 2 minutes before the set time.

If you go overdue, both yourself and your manager will be notified that you have missed your departure time, and that you may need help. Your manager can then follow up with you directly and ensure you're ok.

Updating your departure time

If you need a bit more time on the property, updating your departure time is quick and easy. Simply tap the Departure tab and adjust accordingly;

Does this mean my manager can track me?

Your manager cannot see where you are on a property or where you go after checking-out. 

They will only be able to see which property you're checked in to, other properties you've checked in to, if you're overdue or not, and when you plan to leave the current property.

If you have any questions or need any help, please call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email us at help@onside.co.nz