Managing your contractors in Onside

Adding approved contractors and sending documents

From the 'External' tab in your Onside Web Portal, Company Admins can manage the contractors visiting their properties.

Inviting contractors

Once your properties are set up in Onside and ready for visitors, it's time to let your contractors know to be using Onside. You can do this directly in the web portal. Here's a quick video on this.

Approved and unapproved contractors

As well as getting your normal check-in notification when visitors and contractors check-in to your property, you now have the option of marking contracting companies in Onside as approved or unapproved, alerting you when they check-in while unapproved. It's super easy to set up, simply follow the steps below.

After adding in all your contractor companies (see video above), choose the alert status. If someone with a 'Not Approved' status checks-in to your property, your notification will look like this.

Unapproved contractor 3

Sharing documents to contractors and visitors

If you have an Onside Complete subscription, you'll be able to send your stored documents directly to your contractors and visitors. They can also send documents back to you. If this sounds perfect for your operation, contact us and we can upgrade your subscription. Watch this quick video to find out more, or follow the steps below.

Share documents directly from the Documents tab

  1. As a company Admin from the Documents tab click 'Add Document'
  2. Attach the file, give it a name, and optionally an expiry date
  3. Click on the image-png-Jan-23-2023-11-29-29-7532-PM 2button to the right of the document and select 'Share'. You'll then see a page like this;
    Documents - Sharing
  4. Type the name of the contracting company you'd like to share it with. If the company is not available, add the company. 

Store documents under your contractor's companies in the External page

  1. From the 'External' page, click 'Add Contractor'
  2. Search for the company first, if it doesn't exist, click 'Create New Company' and add the details of the best contact person for that company. Ideally someone who would issue the contractors out to properties.
  3. Once added, click on the contractor company name
  4. Click Add Document
  5. From the image-png-Jan-23-2023-11-29-29-7532-PM 2button, download, share, or archive the document

By establishing a connection with the contracting company, they will also be able to send documents to you, perfect if you need to have them sign documents and send them back.

Contractors = Share doc

Showing documents on check-in

If you're wanting to make PDFs or images available to anyone when checking in to your property, you can use the Check-in Rules feature.


If you have any questions or need any help, you can reach us on 0800 ONSIDE (NZ), 1800 112334 (AU), or email