How do I download a report for my properties?

Getting to know your risk, incident, and visitor reports

Keep up to date with the health and safety performance of your property, checking visitor numbers, what jobs are being done, etc.

The guide below will take you through how to generate a report whenever you need. Alternatively, you can watch this quick video;

HubSpot Video

Log into your Onside web portal and click into the reporting option in the sidebar.

Property reporting 2022 b

Property reporting 2022 a

  1. Choose if you'd like a Risk, Incident, or Visitor report.
  2. Choose your date range (any incidents updated in the range will also be included).
  3. Select the file type, PDF or CSV (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet).
    There’s also an option to combine your reports if you have multiple properties – Consolidated CSV.
  4. Select the property or properties you would like to report on.
  5. Click download.

For the risk reports, the highest-level risks are at the top.
PDF risk reports also use colour coding to group the risks. 

  • Red highlights risks that are not being managed (i.e.some actions to be completed) 
  • Orange highlights risks that have been minimized.
  • Green highlights Risks that have been eliminated.

Click below for examples of the different report types.

Risk report

Incident report

Visitor report

How are the risks ordered in the reports?

We have risks broken into 3 categories first, showing in order;

  1. No risk management actions
  2. Risk management actions
  3. Eliminated risks

Within each of these categories, they're then organised by potential for most harm (severity), then of that, newest to oldest.

How are the Incidents ordered in the reports?

Incidents are ordered by severity. The most severe to the least.

How are the check-ins ordered in the reports?

Check-ins are simply ordered by age. From the most recent to the least.


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