Can I copy my risks?

How to copy your risks between properties.

Copying your risks to another property

If you have multiple properties, you can copy your risks from one to another, or even to all of your properties at once! Before you start though, Each risk you copy will trigger a notification on the admins' phones advising a risk has been added. You may want to disable the property's notifications first to avoid sending multiple notifications. Find out how here.

  1. Click on the risk you want to duplicate;
  2. Click the copy logo in the top right;

    Claim property (1)

  3. Select which property you would like to copy it to;

    Copy risk
  4. Click 'Confirm Copy'.

The risk will now be on the selected properties.

If the risk requires a specific location or image, you'll need to update it by clicking on that risk in the properties you added it to.

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