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How do I add staff to my company?

Managing your company in Onside

You need to be a Company Admin to access this functionality. Contact Onside if you believe you should have this access.

Why do I need to invite staff to my company?

Having staff associated with their company helps you keep track of which staff are using Onside and what roles they have in the company.

By inviting staff to your company, they will be selectable as an assignee for tasks, property admins, receive Kiosk notifications, and show your company name when checking in to properties in both reporting and notifications. Other visitors will also be able to see which company they work for.

Only staff should be added to your Company Members list. 

If you are wanting to invite someone to use Onside and they're not from your company, try these invite options.

Inviting staff

When you invite someone to your company, they will receive a text message and an email for them to set up their account. 

Click the 'Invite' button and enter their email, name, and phone number and click 'Next' to start adding your staff.

Alternatively, if you have a few staff members to add, rather than inviting them one by one, why not invite all in one go? Click on the invite button and download the invite template, fill it out, then click "Upload csv" to invite them.

Company members - new (2)

Once a staff member is added, you'll be able to assign them to a team and set their notifications and access.

Status - See your active staff

At a glance you can see if they have accepted your invite and starting using the app. Users will be broken down into 4 categories;

  • Active - The user has logged into the app, web portal, or checked in to a property in the last 60 days.
  • Joined - The user has accepted their invite, but hasn't logged into the app yet.
  • Invited - The user has been invited to the company, but hasn't accepted the invite or logged in to the app yet.
  • Inactive - The user has not logged in to the app within the last 60 days.
  • Requested to Join - The user has asked to join your company in Onside when creating their account.

Members page - 2023 UI-1

Accept/deny join requests

When creating their account, a user can advise which company they're part of, which then sends a notification to the Company Admin to approve or deny the request.

Members page join pending - 2023 UI

Removing staff

If a user no longer works for your company, simply click on their name and "Remove from company".

This will also remove them from any team and property they were associated with.

How do I change staff details?

From the Company Members page, simply click on the staff member and you'll be able to edit their name and phone number. Email addresses cannot be edited. To change an email address you will need to add the staff member again with the corrected email address, then remove the old old.

Staff can also log in to their web portal or app to make these changes.


If you have any questions or need any help, contact us on 0800 ONSIDE or email Support@onside.co