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Creating and editing your property-4

Getting started is super easy. Learn how to create your first property.

Managing your risks and incidents-1

It's time to get your risk register set up and learn how to deal with incidents.

Generating property reports-1

Find out how to quickly generate the reports you need about your property.

Setting property rules-2

Add rules to your property so visitors know what to do when on the property.

Creating your emergency plan-1

Having an emergency plan ready for your visitors is essential. Watch the quick video to find out more.

Managing your property from the app-1

Did you know you can manage your property from the Onside app? Find out how here.

Managing your team-1

Set up your team so they get the right notifications and access.

Creating your jobs list-1

Get the most out of your check-in notifications by creating a job list to choose from for your visitors.



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