Are visitors tracked?

Property tracking vs people tracking

A common concern for users new to Onside is the belief they're being tracked by using the Onside app. This is not the case.


Onside only keeps a record of which properties a visitor checks-in to and if they were onsite, 200km+, 1km+, or 10km+ away from the property when they checked in, not the exact location of the user or where they go after they leave. The user themselves will see where they are on the property in relation to the boundary as a blue dot, such as the example below, however no one else can see this.

If you have our automatic check-in/out reminders enabled, your location will be used to determine if you are inside the boundaries of the property. That location information is then discarded, as it has served its purpose. It is not stored.

So rest assured, if you've gone to the local pub after a long day at work, we don't know you're there, and neither does any Onside user*. 

*You may bump into Bob, he's always there, but that's outside of our control. Pass on our regards.

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