How do I edit and manage my risks?

Editing and managing your risks / hazards

Regularly reviewing your risks is an important part of the health and safety legislation. 

This article will cover how to do this in Onside. Alternatively, watch this quick video;

OnSide - Risks and Incidents
  1. Log in to your Onside web portal.
  2. Click into the property you are reviewing the risks on. 
  3. Click on the risk you want to edit.
    Note:  Risks with red dots on the image indicate that they have risk management actions that are outstanding.
  4. You can then click into any field and change anything about the risk.

    Risks - web portal
  5. Check your risk management actions. Have they been completed? Will these actions help reduce the risk? Is there anything else you can do? How about making the risk time-based?

  6. If you have entered all the info you need to, Tick the “I have completed all the actions” box, select "Risk is minimised", then click 'Save changes'. 
    • Team members who are checked-in to the property will be alerted there is a risk to review, as well as admins, unless you turn the alerts off.
    • These changes are date stamped, you can then see this information in the reporting tool showing that your risks are being reviewed and managed. 
    • If you need to add the same risk to another one of your properties, you can duplicate risks between properties. Find out more here.

    Time-based Risks

    If you know a risk will only be on your risk register for a short time, you can set it to automatically remove itself by using the Automatic elimination time field.

    1. Go to the 'Risk management' section of the risk after clicking on an existing one, or creating a new one. You'll see the 'Automatic elimination time' field.
    2. After clicking on that, a popup will appear of a calendar. Choose the day the risk should be removed and click 'ok'. A clock will appear, choose the hour and click 'ok', then the minute. 
    3. Click 'Save changes' and you're done!

    If you need any help or have any questions, call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email