How do I turn on check-in/out reminders?

Reminders to check-in or out when you enter and leave a property

When you're going from job to job, checking in or out of a property might slip your mind. That's why we've created our check-in/out reminder feature.


Once enabled, you will be automatically reminded to check-in to a property once you have crossed the boundary of the property (as long as it exists in Onside).

The reminders are intuitive and will learn from the properties you visit. This means the reminders will become more and more relevant to you as you check-in to properties.


Once you're far enough away from the property boundary and for enough time, you will get a notification reminding you to check-out*.

* For smaller properties you need to have travelled at least 100m from its center.

To enable, follow these steps;

1) Tap the menu

2) Turn on the 'Check-in Reminders' toggle

Check-in and out reminders-1

That's all there is to it!

Data and power usage

A common question we get about the Check-in Reminders feature is "Will it use more data and power?".

The feature will not use any extra data, as it identifies your location based on your smartphone's regular reception check. 

Calculating if you are within the property boundaries is done on the smartphone, so you may see a slight increase in power consumption to make the calculations.


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