Can I add a risk to more than one location?

Multi-point risks

Currently, you can only add one location per risk in Onside, however we hope to have this functionality available soon.

If you need to mark a risk in multiple locations, here are a few ways you could achieve that;

1) Instead of using the pinpoint marker, try using the 'draw risk boundary' tool instead. For risks like powerlines, this is the better choice anyway, as it's not just the poles visitors need to worry about, but the lines themselves too.

2) If the risk isn't likely to cause injury, such as rabbit holes, you could skip the map step, which would create it as "Property-wide risk". Visitors would tap the 'View other risks' button to view it. You could even state in the risk information which areas of the property it applies to: “There are rabbit holes in the middle of paddocks 1 to 22. All are marked with a post”. 


3) Lastly, you could create a risk for each of the locations of the risk.

If you need help with this or you have any questions, please call us on 0800 ONSIDE or email