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Can I have the Team Locator dashboard on my phone?

Viewing your team's whereabouts from your smartphone

Using the Onside Team Locator dashboard on your phone

As an Onside Teams Admin with the Team Locator feature, you'll have access to check where your teams are, what time they expect to check out, how long they've been there for, and if they've gone overdue.
You'll also receive overdue alerts on your phone if you have the Onside app installed and you are logged into the app.
From time to time you'll need to check where your team is, and you may not have a computer or tablet handy. The Team Locator dashboard does work on smartphones, but the experience can change from phone to phone, so you'll need to follow the instructions below to help.
Step 1) Logging in
On a computer, log in to your account via our website - get.onside.co.nz/onside/ and go to the Team Locator dashboard.
Along the top of the screen you'll see the website address or 'URL' for that dashboard. it will look like this - https://get.onside.co.nz/onside/Business/TeamLocation/12345 (the last digits will be different). Open that same address on your smartphone (case sensitive). You'll need to log in.
Step 2) Desktop mode
This step is essential to ensure the dashboard looks the way it should.
On an Android phone, tap the menu in the top right of the browser, it will look like this:  
dot menu
Then tap the option "Desktop Site".

On an Apple phone, tap and hold the refresh icon next to the website address at the top, it will look like this:

Then tap the option "Request Desktop Site".

Step 3) Saving it
Now, to ensure you don't have to do this each time you want to view the dashboard on your phone, bookmark the team locator dashboard and save the site to your home screen.

Android - Tap the 3 dot menu again and tap the star. Then, go back into the menu and tap "Add to home screen"
Apple - Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like this:
add to favs
Then, tap "Add to favourites" and save. Then, tap that icon again and scroll the grey icons to the right and choose "Add to Home Screen".
That's it, you're done :)

If you have any trouble with this please let us know, call us on  0800 ONSIDE or email help@onside.co.nz.