How can I add documents to my profile?

Adding your certifications, licences, and other key documents to your Onside Profile

For some properties you visit, you may need to prove you are capable and allowed to undertake a specific job. Fortunately, with this Onside feature, you can add your  certifications, licences, and other key documents to your profile, with the option of making them visible to others.

Adding your documentsSide menu - short

  1. From the Onside app, on the main screen where you'd usually search for properties, tap the icon in the top left of the screen to access the Onside app side menu.
    It will look like this;
  2. Next tap 'Edit' in the top right.

    Add docs 1-1
  3. Now you'll be in your Onside profile.
    From here you can;
          • Tap 'Edit' to change your own details.
          • Change the company you represent when checking in to properties, as well as join or create another. 
          • And of course, adding your documents.
  1. Tap 'Add Document' at the bottom.
  2. You'll be prompted to then add an image from your phone of the document, or take a new one.

    Add docs 2
  3. Put the expiry date of the document.
  4. Select the document type.
  5. Give the document a name.
  6. Finally, choose who should be able to see the document by selecting the toggles and then tap 'Save'. 

    Who can view my documents?
    • Property Admins - Only the property staff responsible for the property you're checking in to. 
    • Other visitors - Any Onside user who has checked in to the same property as you while you're still checked in.
    • Property Admins and Other visitors - Combination of the above.
    • No one - Only accessible by you.

Ensure you choose the correct viewing access for your documents. Visitors shouldn't be able to see your drivers licence for example.


    To make this feature as secure as possible, when you add your documents to your Onside profile, they are not stored online. They are stored on your phone. If you delete the document from your phone, it will remove the document from Onside too.

    That's all there is to it. Just another great feature created by Onside to help you get on with your job ASAP.

    If you have any questions about this feature or need any help, please let us know. Call 0800 ONSIDE (1800 112334 for Australia) or email