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3 reasons to get your contractors using Onside

  1. You'll know when contractors arrive at your property and how long they've been there - in real time. 

  2. There's no need to stop what you're doing for safety induction meetings or to manage hazard boards.

  3. You can contact your visitors that use Onside through the app, instead of having to keep track of phone numbers.

About Onside


Easy check-in

Do away with the sign-in book and have visitors check-in through the app. You’ll know who’s arrived when, and they’ll see your property rules at check-in. Easy.

Chat to visitors

Quickly update everyone on site via Onside Chat. Your live visitor list will automatically update with every check-in or check-out. Simple.

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Add rules

Add custom Property Rules for visitors to view and accept when checking in to your property. Update them anytime, straight from the web. Nice.

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