OnSide Product Updates

New reporting feature

There has been a lot happening on the development front since our June product update.

Listening to our customers means that we are never short of great ideas to improve OnSide.

Recently, we released a new reporting feature. This allows you to run a report of risks and incidents that have been logged on your property for any time period you choose.

Running a report is a great way to get a snapshot of how your risk management is going. Try running a report of your risks and incidents once a month. Any risks that need actions will be shown at the top of the report. Check the incident report for recent incidents and make sure associated risks are well controlled.

Try the reporting feature now

To run a  report, first choose the properties you would like to include in the report, then use the dropdown menu to select the type of report – risks or incidents. Finally, choose the time period you are interested in and the type of file you would like to download (PDF, CSV or both).

In addition to risk and incident reports, you'll soon be able to run a visitor report. You'll be able to see a full record of who's been on your property, for how long and their contact details. This type of information is helpful for OnSide users to manage biosecurity risks. You might want to consider adding biosecurity risks to your OnSide risk register.


Getting support from OnSide just got easier

Getting hold of us just got much easier with our
 new 24/7 online help tool in OnSide. 
Ask a question anytime you need help. We typically respond within a few minutes during the business hours, and all other messages are responded to first thing in the morning.

Click on the bright green speech bubble located at the bottom right hand corner of your OnSide account to give our new help service a go.


Updates coming soon…

We are about to start testing a new and improved version of the mobile app. This will address some issues with sign in and out resulting from iOS and Android operating systems updates. Plus, the app will be even faster and more battery efficient. 

We're also working on a new risk register for different industry groups to help make setup easier. We're adding group sign in functionality and a number of other performance improvements.


Posted by Ryan Higgs

Ryan has a science and farming background and has held various innovation roles in the dairy sector. Ryan’s interest is in developing a practical tool that makes rural health and safety management easy.

OnSide Chat is live!

Talk to anyone checked-in with Chat

OnSide Chat makes it easier than ever to share information with contractors and visitors on site. 

To broadcast to anyone checked-in, simply open the app, tap on the 'chat' icon, write your message and send.*

*If your phone doesn't auto-update your apps, head to the the App or Play store to update now.

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