Getting OnSide with health and safety

The following article was featured in the Federated Farmers December 2016 National Farming Review:

OnSide is changing the way farmers think and act when it comes to keeping people safe on their farms.

With more than 500 properties using OnSide, the app is fast becoming the technology of choice for farmers who want to ensure the safety of their family, employees and visitors, all while helping them meet compliance requirements.

“We believe technology should be both useful and easy, and this was top of mind when developing the OnSide system,” says Ryan Higgs, CEO of OnSide.

“Recent earthquakes highlighted the need for a solution that works when and how you need it to. With no power or landlines, limited road access and extensive damage to many rural properties around the country, safety was compromised. OnSide’s smart functionality helps out in these conditions, by providing a practical way of giving people access to the risks and emergency response information for your property,” says Higgs.

Even on a day-to-day basis, without an emergency in sight, making health and safety easy has direct business benefits. The primary sector is desperately short of skilled people. When competing for the best in a competitive labour market, businesses that take safety seriously attract and retain the best people. This affects many aspects of farm performance, not least the bottom line.

Managing risks, incidents and visitors on a farm shouldn’t be costly or complex. A simple, smart, practical management system is what’s required, and that’s where OnSide technology comes in. There’s no more paperwork, and risks are more visible, making them easier to manage and report. People can sign-in, access information on risks, and understand what they need to do to stay safe via their mobile phone.

Safety shouldn’t be about paperwork and compliance – it’s about doing everything to prevent people from being injured or worse – while running a profitable business. OnSide is a tool that helps you meet your obligations and keeps your team and visitors safe.

Federated farmers article


To view the article online and read the remainder of the December 2016 National Farming Review, click here.

Posted by Caroline Fellows

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