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Extensively used throughout New Zealand's rural sector, we are OnSide, your digital visitor management solution.
So, what can I do with OnSide?
  • See who is on your property in real time;
  • Communicate COVID-19 information with all staff and visitors as they check into your property;
  • Chat to your visitors through the OnSide app without being face to face;
  • Report on who has been on your property, when they were there and for how long;
  • Invite your visitors to download the OnSide app and use it for free.

OnSide is easy to set up from your computer by following the steps in the
video or instructions below. 

Creating an OnSide account and adding COVID-19 property rules [6min]

Step 1
- Click on this link and fill in the information - where it asks "Which best describes
you?" Please choose "I am a property manager or owner".

Step 2 - Check your email, open the email from OnSide and confirm your email address.

Step 3 - Log into your OnSide account - you can do this by clicking on this link.

Step 4 - Once you have signed into your account, start at the "Info" tab and fill in your information.
Under property rules, add the following information:

  • Under "Warning", copy and paste the following: ONLY ESSENTIAL WORKERS ALLOWED DUE TO COVID-19 GOVT RESTRICTIONS

  • Under "List of rules" Add a new rule and copy and paste the following as separate rules:
    • All visitors must adhere to COVID-19 safe practice document attached
    • Do not approach other people, use the CHAT function in OnSide to communicate
    • Observe social distancing at all times
    • Report any potential exposure or illness to management  immediately
    • Any at risk staff (i.e. over 70) MUST identify and isolate themselves

Step 5 - Under "File 1" fill in "COVID-19 Safe Practice Resource" then click "Choose File" and upload a related file . We suggest this document from the Ministry of Health - you might need to download it first.

Step 6 - Download the OnSide app from the app store to your phone and sign into your account.

Step 7 - Invite those who are coming onto your property to download and use the OnSide app - click here to see how to do this

Step 8
 - Get familiar with the app so you can use it properly. Add in team members (your own staff) and ask them to sign in when they come onto the property.

If you need any assistance, please call us on 0800 OnSide.

Posted by Jimy Mason

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