Free health and safety advice from our Safety Leader

We’re excited to welcome Graham Neate (aka Graham the Guru) to the OnSide team as our newly appointed Safety Leader. 

Graham is a qualified rural safety consultant who has spent a lifetime working in farming and agribusiness. His experience spans two significant legislative H&S changes (1992 and 2016), so you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about rural workplace safety than Graham.

Prior to joining OnSide, Graham worked as National Compliance Manager for Farmlands and most recently Group Health and Safety Manager for Philip Wareing Ltd Contractors. Graham has been on both sides of the fence though. Early in his career, he mustered on high country sheep and beef stations - so he knows first hand the safety challenges that come with the job.

Graham is passionate about helping rural businesses develop, implement and maintain 'best practice' health and safety systems, based on practical and meaningful procedures. This is where he feels OnSide makes a difference - by providing businesses with a system that is “fit for purpose and user-friendly”. 

On top of having the right system in place, Graham believes fostering a culture of safety is key to creating safer workplaces for your team, visitors and contractors.

Ask Graham Anything

If you have a question about compliance or workplace safety or want to know more about how OnSide can help you make your business safer and more profitable, then here’s your chance to get some free advice.

Ask your question here. 

Each month we’ll share Graham’s advice to the most common safety issues and challenges. So don’t delay, get your question in today.

Posted by Caroline Fellows

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