Feature Update: OnSide Chat

OnSide has just taken property communication to the next level

Thanks to our new OnSide Chat feature, communication on rural properties has become even easier.

Whenever a visitor checks into a property with OnSide, they're automatically added into the chat group for that property. When a message is sent to the group, the property admins will be notified and can reply.

Chat Gif-1

Even better, if you work in a team on the same property, you can use this too. Team communication is now easier than ever. 

To get started, update your OnSide app to the latest version, then simply tap the chat tab to start sending and receiving messages.

Questions? Trouble? Contact us on 0800 ONSIDE.

Posted by Jimy Mason

OnSide Chat is live!

Talk to anyone checked-in with Chat

OnSide Chat makes it easier than ever to share information with contractors and visitors on site. 

To broadcast to anyone checked-in, simply open the app, tap on the 'chat' icon, write your message and send.*

*If your phone doesn't auto-update your apps, head to the the App or Play store to update now.

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