Feature Update: Jobs List

Jobs List speeds up check-in and gives property managers better oversight of who's on site to do what.

Available to any paid OnSide subscribers via your team or property admin pages, You can customise Jobs List from more than 70 jobs and, once set up, every visitor/ team member must select a job when they check in to the property.

To add Jobs List your property :

  1. Log in to your OnSide admin account. 
  2. Open your property/ the property you'd like to edit.
  3. Click on the master jobs list and select the jobs relevant to your property.
  4. Hit 'save' and you're away! 

Questions? Trouble? Keen to upgrade?  Contact us on 0800 ONSIDE.

Current OnSide jobs:

Animal Care / Barrel pruning / Bird catching / Bird-scaring with a firearm (Contact operator)
/ Bud rubbing / BVM OPPs / Canopy spraying / Compliance / Cultivating / Deliveries / Digger operation
Dozer operation / Employee work / Farm maintenance / Feed delivery / Fencing work / Fertilizer / delivery & removal / Field Walk / Forklift Operations / Freight/Cartage / Frost control water / Frost control windmachines / / Fruit Counting / Fruit sampling / Fruit Sizing / Harvest Management / Harvesting / Hay/Balage making / Headland mowing (Contact operator) / Hedge trimming / Irrigation maintenance / Leaf sampling / Machine shaking / Machine stripping / Machinery maintenance / Meeting / Monitoring / Mowing / Mulching / Netting / Pest control / Plant maintenance / Plucking / Posting / Pruning / Quality control / Rolling / Shaking / Site Cleaning / SLT OPPs / Social Visit / Spraying boundary / Spraying fungicide (Contact operator) / Spraying helicopter (Do not enter) / Spraying herbicide (Contact operator) / Spraying karate (Do not enter) / Spreading / Stripping / Transporting livestock / Tree Felling / Trellis maintenance / Trim/Mow / Trim/Pluck / Trimming / Trucking / Vine work / Weeding / Wire transfer /Wirelifting


Posted by Jimy Mason

OnSide Chat is live!

Talk to anyone checked-in with Chat

OnSide Chat makes it easier than ever to share information with contractors and visitors on site. 

To broadcast to anyone checked-in, simply open the app, tap on the 'chat' icon, write your message and send.*

*If your phone doesn't auto-update your apps, head to the the App or Play store to update now.

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