Caroline's tips: September 2017

Caroline is our customer support lead and she is the friendly voice behind our 0800 ONSIDE line and behind the Intercom - our integrated messaging system on the website.

One of the things that I get asked a lot is

“What do I do if a contractor or visitor does not use smartphone?”

The short answer is - it is best if they start using one. A Tablet or iPad will do too. If they frequently visit rural properties you can get a Samsung J2 for about $150 that the app runs really well on.

Option 2 would be for them to get inducted in advance on someone else's device. They can sign in to OnSide and do this at their own convenience. You need to make sure they are aware of any changes made to your risk register since they have acknowledged the risks in app.

If planning ahead is not an option, you can also induct them from your own device showing them through the risks..There is nothing in the legislation that says people have to sign in, what it does say is that you need to make sure they are aware of the risks. Good practice would be to keep a record that you have done this. You can do this by keep a note in your phones inbuilt note pad or send yourself a quick email.

As said above, signing in and signing out from a property is not a legal requirement, so you do not need to keep record of these for compliance. But it could potentially become important for your risk management in cases of disease outbreaks and other biosecurity scenarios.

Which is why it is important to

Invite your contractors to join OnSide and why we are keeping it free for them 

There is an added layer of value that OnSide aims to deliver for our customers. We have designed a tool that works well not only for keeping you safe on an individual property, but also delivering services on a network level.

This could be a corporate networks, such as Tegel, who have all been implementing OnSide to improve their capabilities in risk management across all their growers and contractors.

Or on an industry or regional level. Aggregated data can provide solutions not only for H&S, but also help you improve productivity and could be an invaluable asset for managing your biosecurity risks.

To get the most out of OnSide, invite your contractors and visitors to use the mobile app. We removed the biggest barriers for them to adopt the app - we made it free to use, and we’ve now got a quick and easy way for you to tell them all about it.

You can enter email address of your contractors here [link to page] and we’ll send them an invitation to download the app and all the details they need on your behalf.

Getting everyone OnSide means better risk management, almost effortless H&S compliance, less paper-work and quick and easy sign in for your visitors.

Posted by Caroline Fellows

OnSide Chat is live!

Talk to anyone checked-in with Chat

OnSide Chat makes it easier than ever to share information with contractors and visitors on site. 

To broadcast to anyone checked-in, simply open the app, tap on the 'chat' icon, write your message and send.*

*If your phone doesn't auto-update your apps, head to the the App or Play store to update now.

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